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The world of Autodromo is the creative vision of founder Bradley Price, an industrial designer who set out to craft unique products that express the spirit of motoring. Our products draw aesthetic inspiration from a golden age of motoring, when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger.

Autodromo’s design philosophy blends a contemporary, minimalist sensibility with mid-century vintage character. The resulting products are equally at home in past and present. Everything we do is designed in-house by our small, passionate team with the goal of creating a special, memorable experience for the discerning individual.

Autodromo watch collections

Founded in 2011, Autodromo has grown into a respected cult brand for automotive aficionados and independent watch collectors around the globe. Each of our watches is inspired by cars we love, and motorsport history we revere. From our bespoke packaging all the way to the intricate details of the watch itself, Autodromo’s original designs capture the spirit of a particular car or era and distill it into an exquisitely crafted timepiece.

Autodromo’s guiding philosophy is to create products that feel familiar at first glance, but also new and original. When we are able to achieve this delicate balance of old and new, that is when we know a design is ready to come to life. Explore our collections and discover the right watch for you.

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Each Autodromo product is created not only to be beautiful, but also to transport you into a different time and place. Learn more about the many watch collections we’ve created - as well as the drivers, vehicles, and races that inspired us to create them - in our gallery and archives.

We are always delighted to help answer any questions you may have about our watches and other products. Our customers come to us from around the globe for the same thing: Compelling designs and personalized service.

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