Autostrada Folio - Key organizer for collectors



The Autostrada Folio offers a portable, discreet way to organize and carry the keys to your classic car collection.  Leaving your keys in your garage or storage space is a theft risk. A row of hooks on the wall, or a bowl of keys in the kitchen may be practical but sometimes it is nice to have things organized and hidden from prying eyes. Our folio allows you to store and manage all your keys in one convenient period-correct pouch that you can easily carry with you out to the garage, in case you need to move one car to get to another.

Handmade in the Veneto region of Italy out of a sturdy Pig Leather for a period look, the Folio holds up to 6 sets of keys. The perfect gift for the car collector who can never find their keys.

Designed to hold our Autostrada Key Wallets, but is compatible with traditional key fobs, and with modern electronic keys for today’s exotics as well.

Available in 3 colors with gold tone snap closures.

Ships in an attractive gift box. Key wallets sold separately.

NOTE: Not compatible with the Autodromo Ball Shifter Keychain


  • Holds up to 6 sets of keys
  • 100% made in Italy including hardware
  • Genuine Pig Leather
  • Gold tone hardware and closure
  • Comes in gift box